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Written By: admin - Jun• 23•12

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience for both men and women, and while it is not necessarily par for the course, it does happen to many people. Some factors contributing to hair loss are genetics, hormonal changes, stress, inadequate nutrition and poor blood circulation in the scalp. A holistic approach is advised by looking at diet and lifestyle as well as aromatherapy essential oils that can help encourage hair growth by stimulating the scalp.

1. Grate a large onion. Combine it with equal parts of castor oil and rubbing alcohol. Rub the mixture into your scalp. Put on a shower cap and wrap a scarf around your head. Wait three hours. Rinse the head with water mixed with lemon juice or vinegar to make the hair shiny and to eliminate the onion smell. Repeat weekly. In four weeks hair should be strong and healthy, and stop falling out.

2. Rosemary and sage are two herbs that have shown benefit traditionally when used externally. Boil together in water rosemary, sage, peach leaf, nettle and burdock. Then strain the loose herbs from the liquid and use the liquid to wash the hair daily.

3. Scalp massage with essential oils can stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation for the hair follicles. Rosemary essential oil has a history of being used to improve scalp circulation and three drops can be mixed with a tablespoon of distilled witch hazel and applied to the scalp as a massage treatment.

4. Vitamin E oil and tonka bean essential oil can be applied to the scalp and roots of the hair to help stop hair loss. To make and use this natural treatment, combine 3 tbsp. vitamin E oil with ? tsp. Tonka bean essential oil in a bottle and shake to combine. Pour the mixture over the hair and scalp and gently massage it in for 2 to 3 minutes. Leave the mixture on the head for 20 minutes before rinsing with water and washing with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Unused portions of the mixture can be kept in a cool, dark place for up to one month. Discontinue use if irritation develops.

5. Maintaining a healthy diet is advised for good hair health. Eat green vegetables, dairy products, fruits and iron rich foods to strengthen hair. Drinking coconut water is another recommendation to prevent hair loss. Amla is a rich natural source of vitamin C. Eating Amla or drinking its juice is another dietary suggestion.

6. Aloe Vera has been used by Native Americans, Indians and many in the Caribbean to promote healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Aloe's can help the scalp by healing it and balancing the pH level of the scalp while cleansing the pores. A common preparation of Aloe Vera gel with a small amount of wheat germ oil and coconut milk is used as a shampoo and has traditionally shown great benefit.

7. Exercise is important to improve nutrient absorption and can aid in combating stress. Yoga is advised to relieve stress and relax muscles to encourage good blood circulation. To increase blood flow in the scalp, end shampooing with a cold water rinse and massage. Reducing damage to hair during styling is an excellent way to prevent loss of hair. Stop or minimise chemical treatments, heat styling, using harsh products, excessive brushing and tight hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

    what should I use/do to prevent hair loss and regrow hair?
    I am starting to lose hair and my hair line is receding.

    I haven't lost heaps of hair, but am beginning to noticably lose hair.

    What would be a good product to use to prevent continued hair loss and regrow lost hair. I hear 'Regaine' is good, but there are two types: regular version and extra stength version. I want to go for a strong potent product, but might there be unwanted side effects to using the extra strong version when my hair loss is just beginning?

    Any advice would be most appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      You can try Bawang Anti-fall and Renewal Shampoo. A number of friends have used the product and told me it prevents hairs from falling and makes the hair thicker.

      I have also seen the following video from YouTube. The product looks quite promising.

      My Hair Loss Story + Hair Care Routine

      The product contains Chinese herbs extracts which can restrain and balance the sebum, nourish hair follicles, strengthen the hair root to make hair stronger and prevent hair loss. Bawang is not available in all countries. You can find it at the ebay or oasisherb.

    How can I stop my hair loss and regrow the hair that has already been lost from the hairline and sides?
    I've been loosing hair in the front where my hairline begins and in the sides, I don't know what to do to stop it or how to regrow my lost hair. The thing is that I have never died my hair, I don't put chemicals in my hair, I don't even pull my hair up in a pony tail so why am I loosing hair and can the fallen hair regrow? Im in my early 20's.

    • ANSWER:
      In your case, most probably is a genetically inherited hair loss. The best thing is going to the hair specialist/ trichologist. If money is the issue as it may be address under cosmetic problems.You can first try the following

      1.Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which contain flavonoids and antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth

      2.Avoid pigtails, cornrows, hair weaves, braids and tight hair rollers which can pull and stress your hair

      3.# Supplement your diet with the following nutrients:

      * Vitamin B complex (Category A)
      * Biotin (Possibly safe; orally and appropriately)
      * Vitamin C (Category A)
      * Vitamin E ( Likely safe if amount does not exceed the RDA; possibly safe if it does)
      * Zinc (Likely safe when used orally and appropriately; likely unsafe when used orally in high doses)

      4.Use shampoos and conditioner that contain biotin and silica.

      Lastly if you want something that i already used and shows a good result on me . Visit

    what is the best way to prevent hair loss possibly regrow hair?
    I am currently taking 1/4 of a tablet of finasteride and have been for almost one year and am still seeing hair loss. I mostly see it on the top towards the back of the scalp but some in front also. If you know of a way to keep a full head of hair please answer.

    • ANSWER:
      Regrow Hair

      The majority of hair loss prevention products on the market do very little to regrow hair. At best, they slow down the process of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), and in many cases they don't even do that. Fortunately, there's an all-natural method for you to prevent further hair loss and to regrow hair--it's called Provillus.

      Provillus, an oral supplement, works to block DHT, a form of testosterone that is responsible for 95 percent of hair loss. It also works to stimulate the scalp and bring dead follicles back to life. You can use Provillus as a preventative tool, starting the program before hair loss becomes severe, or you can use it after DHT has already begun to take hold of your hair and scalp.

      Our Money-Back GuaranteeResults for people who have used leading chemical-based hair loss products are inconsistent. While some people will notice somewhat of a minor change, others will watch as their hair continues to fall out at the same rate. Provillus, on the other hand, has enjoyed consistently positive results by utilizing proven natural substances like saw palmetto, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc to attack hair loss from all angles. Plus, because it's all-natural, you won't suffer the physical and sexual side effects that other hair regrowth products cause.

      When you order Provillus from us, it comes with a money back guarantee. If you are not pleased with the results you get from our product, you have six months to return it for a full refund. We are confident, though, that when you use our supplement, you will stop losing and start regrowing your hair.

    Any good supplement to control hair loss or regrow hair naturally?
    Can someone share his or her good experience with any treatment ?I am getting married in 4 months.I want to regrow my hair desperately.

    • ANSWER:
      You are going through the same experience as me.I too tried alot o stuff before I could find something wortwhile.I am taking sessions of hair regrowth treatment called Regrowsure in Bandra in Revital Trichology clinic and it has helped me. My hair is not falling anymore and are growing faster.It has been 1 and half month and i can see feww new growth in my hairline. the procedure is pretty painless. it is a process of microinjection of some amino acids and vitamins inthe sclp hair roots to revive them. they also inject DHT blockers. No side effects.there is no need for any oral medicine. go for the treatment.11 my friends have also regrown hair there. you can visit or call 022-26419022

      for your reference the details taken from the website are as below.

      RegrowSure Scalp Therapy &
      StrongSure Scalp Therapy

      We have pioneered in establishing a Protocol to increase Telogen hair Reactivation by two proven result oriented therapies RegrowSure Scalp Therapy and StrongSure Scalp Therapy. These procedures consist of a series of few sittings of painless transfer of FDA approved Nutriments of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, copper peptides, DHT blockers etc. directly into the dermal layer of scalp as close to the dermal papilla of dying hair follicles as possible. Therapy involving Injecting Nutriments in the dermal layer was introduced in France and has been practiced around the world with proven results. The formulation or the blend used for the treatment are highly standardized concoctions made in USA with proven results and Clinical studies show 91% efficacy in Hair loss cases. These Therapies have been designed to stimulate new hair growth by rejuvenating damaged hair follicles and to create a healthy environment for new hair to grow naturally.
      RegrowSure and StrongSure Scalp Therapies can eliminate the need for hair transplant in many cases.
      What is the need of microinjections of the Nutriments into the scalp when I can take them orally?
      Hair is the most neglected part and receives the minimal nutrition as compared to other parts of our body. All the vital Nutrition is distributed to the other organs as hair is not vital for life. In patients suffering from hair loss the nutrition does not reach the hair follicle in required quantity. Sometimes there is malabsorption of the nutrition from the gut inspite of a good diet or oral nutritional supplements. By these microinjections we bypass the gut and supply the dermal papilla enough nutrition and growth factors which results in awakening of dormant follicles and they start living again naturally.
      There is another scientific reason i.e. Androgen or male hormone Testosterone which is circulating in the body gets converted into DHT and this DHT or Dihydrotestestorne is the one which is responsible for hair loss as it binds to the hair follicles and reduces blood supply and brings about its miniturisation. Conventionally to treat Male Pattern Thinning physicians and dermatologists prescribe Antiandrogens or 5 alpha reductase enzyme inhibitors for oral intake to prevent excess conversion of Testosterone to DHT and it can lead to side effects like sexual dysfunctions in some cases.
      The important fact is that most of Androgenetic Alopecia sufferers do not necessarily have high levels of DHT as revealed by the lab tests but they do have the receptors for DHT in the hair follicles of crown region of scalp and most of the DHT responsible for Pattern baldness is formed within the scalp from the circulating Testosterone. The DHT thus formed gets itself attached to the receptors present on the hair follicles resulting into hair loss. This explains why with the normal levels of DHT in the blood a person can have Androgenetic Alopecia and oral intake of Antiandrgens lowers the DHT and testosterone in the blood and leads to sexual side effects.
      Our RegrowSure Scalp Therapy blocks the DHT in the scalp where it is formed from the Testosterone and blocks its action on the hair follicles and revives them by using absolutely safe DHT inhibitors and growth factors which stimulate the stem cells in the hair follicle to regrow. Thus eliminating the need of any oral medicine which can lead to undesirable side effect.
      Can’t I massage the medicines in the scalp instead of taking microinjections?
      When one massages any medicine into the scalp there is minimal absorption and rest of the medicine goes waste leading to an ineffective treatment and with our therapy we are sure that the medicine reaches the desired destination in precise amount to show results. Also this method needs little maintenance later on.
      Are there any side effects?
      The procedure is painless. The medicaments used are in minimal doses only enough for the hair follicles and with the special technique of delivering them close to the hair follicles there is no systemic absorption and no side effect.
      RegrowSure and StrongSure Therapies are emp

    Is it possible to regrow hair after losing plenty of hair in the forehead due to hair loss?
    I've lost plenty of hair esp. in my forehead due to extreme hair loss...will it regrow if hair fall stops?? The hairline has gone up nearly 1 cm...i'm only 20...pls is there a solution??

    • ANSWER:

      If you have suffered serious hair loss to that degree, then usually there are one of two options available to counteract it. First, there are medications like Rogaine, which have proven themselves able to regenerate lost hair. Second there are hair transplant procedures like our own, which create new hair lines using harvested, healthy follicles.

      Both are proven solutions but before making any decision, it would be best to see a doctor and discuss what would be the best course of action to take since every case is different. I hope this helps out and best of luck to you :-)

    What is the fastest most efficient way to stop hair loss and regrow hair?
    Ok so I'm 17 and no one in my family is bald, but i fear that I am still going bald. I look at old pictures of me when i use to have short hair and i had full thick hair and now I have long hair it seems very thin and when i look in to my scalp i can see it and my hairs are practically counted. What can I do or buy to stop this before it gets even worse?

    • ANSWER:
      DO not use heat to style it, wash less often, do not brush it when it is wet, keep it healthy, use good quality shampoo/conditioner, don't color with permanent haircolor. Keep it shorter, the longer it is the more it weighs it down. I have the same problem, I have thinner hair, and i had to quit using most of the stuff i used. and eat right, and take vitamins. Poor nutrition can make you have bad skin, thin hair, weak nails, ect. Check out this site if you interested in vitamins, don't buy the cheap wal-mart ones.

    How to regrow hair loss Without Rogaine type of hair treatments?
    I have brown wavy hair and want to regrow my hair without progaine, rogain stuff.

    • ANSWER:
      Mindful eating..

      Eat a diet rich in protein,b complex vitamins and whole grains,fish,seaweed and green vegetables are all healthy for the hair.To increase shine get plenty of essential fatty acids through flax seeds,olives,nuts seeds and their oils.Take a multi-vitamin and a good b-complex.Take care of ur overall health and get regular checkups.

      Careful grooming

      never brush hair when its wet,use natural and mild shampoo and conditioning products that do not contain chemicals.massage daily to stimulate the scalp.Good brands for thinning hair include Jason thin to thick,and lamas chinese stimulating shampoo/conditioner.

      Attention to stress levels...

      mental health and peace of mind can affect the hair,so make sure to unwind from a stressful day,calm yourself practice prayer and meditation,calming music or an gentle exercise routine.

    Is there a way to stop hair loss? And regrow hair naturally?
    Are there any methods to stop hair loss? I don't want any expensive procedures done. Maybe some suggestions I can used to change my life style that might affect my hair loss problem? Like a natural solution? Starting to get a thin hair of head this young is not fun!

    • ANSWER:
      Hair loss can be caused by genetics or imbalances within the body. There are products like Rogaine which will run you about /3mo and will help the regrowth of hair. However, once you stop using it, all the hair that was grown by Rogaine will once again fall out. Like the other answer, Propecia is a very successful treatment option which is a pill that was originally designed to help with prostate problems and later turned into a hair regrowth pill by blocking DHT levels in the hair follicles. The problem with Propecia is that it is expensive. It can be anywhere from 0-0 every three months. The Propecia does have a coupon on its website for discounts on the 1st and 4th refills, but don't expect insurance to cover any of it because they won't because it is considered cosmetic.

    what is the best product to grow or regrow hair loss?
    there are many products,which one is the best? what ingredients help growing hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I actually cut my hair ( 7 inches) last october and totaly regretted it. I asked my stylist the same question and she suggest DoGrow Tingeling Shampoo. I love the smell and it makes my hair feel great. I have had about regained about 3 1/2 to 4 inches in growth. I have had regular trims every 5 weeks. Good luck!

    Does the hair supplement Provillus work to stop hair loss and regrow hair?
    I am curious to know

    • ANSWER:

    How to prevent male hair loss and regrow hair again in the front area of the scalp?

    • ANSWER:
      Baldness, hair grow & regrow formula

      8 oz. avocado oil
      30 gram rosemary
      5 drops peppermint oil
      mix these three ingredients
      you can either place them in a glass container (heat resistant) and place in an oven for 20 minutes at 300 deg F OR place in a dark colored glass bottle and store a dark place for 6 weeks
      once you have completed the above step, strain the oil to remove the rosemary
      (use cheese cloth or similar cloth and squeeze the extra oil out)
      once you have strained the oil you can massage one teaspoonful into your scalp three times a day
      store the unused portion in a dark colored bottle in a cool dark place (not cold), you can store it for up to 3 months

    If my PCOS has caused hair loss this past year, will the hair regrow once PCOS is under control?
    Or are my hair follicles permanently damaged? It's only been this past year. I've never had hair loss as a symptom up till now. Even now, it's mostly in my crown area. Not DRAMATIC, but noticeable.


    • ANSWER:
      I'm sure you're on some type of medication for your PCOS, right? medication depletes (takes away) nutrition and nutritional deficiencies cause hair loss! so it's very likely that a nutritional deficiency is causing your hair fall-out... if you don't have enough of Biotin, Iron, Vitamin B12 (and some of the other B vitamins), and/or zinc, you can loose hair. You can get these nutrient levels checked out at the doctors. the doctor or nurse will take a blood test to determine if you lack any of these.
      PS: here is a list that give you iron/vitamin B12: red meat, calf liver, eggs yokes, vitamin B complex supplements, vitamin B12 injections every month (angelina jolie and justin bieber get them done too... :) , and also iron infusion (get them done twice a year) help with iron deficiencies.

    is there any good product for hair loss and regrow that hair?
    i m suffering from hair fall ..i loss 50 percent my hair. is there any product for regrow that hair or stop hair fall..i can also use mintop hair lotion but its not working..and which shampoo a can use???

    • ANSWER:
      Hey MUJAHID,

      How about you try Nisim Biofactors, this product actually consist a shampoo, conditioner and stimulating extract. These three products are specially made to work with each other to stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.

      This hair treatment uses all natural and herbal ingredients so it is safe to even after many years of use. Have it a try!!!

    Any remedies for stopping hair loss, regrow hair?
    I've tried so many different shampoos and systems it's not funny. Am considering surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      first find out why your hair is falling. is it because of stress or weakness.because if you r not healthy or you are stressed out shampoos and systems does not work.
      egg will help a lot. just whisk an egg or two add a fewdrops of coconut oil and apply.leave for 15 min and wash off.
      this will help a lot

    what can you do to prevent hair loss and regrow hair?
    can anyone name several ways to regrow hair and to prevent hairloss?

    • ANSWER:
      eat sesame(Chinese secret,makes your hair healthy)
      use natural shampoos and buy hair conditioners
      wash hair everyday(to prevent skin disease and so on)

      the end (hope it works)

      and your avatar is cute

    what is best to regrow hair in case of family hair loss?
    what is best to regrow hair in case of family hair loss?
    do you have some experience with Minoxidil?

    • ANSWER:
      There are a number of hair replacement techniques that are available:

      Hair Transplantation
      During hair transplantation, the surgeon removes small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from the back or sides of the head. These grafts are then relocated to a bald or thinning area. The results are permaneant, look pretty natural and can be treated afterward as natural hair. The price of these operations ranges from 00 - 000, although most surgeons offer some financing options.

      Finasteride (Propecia™)
      Procecia is a once a day pill and is clinically proven to maintain your hair count and even regrow hair at the crown and on the top of your head. It has no effect on hairline balding. It is available by prescription only, costs about monthly and is covered by no insurance plans. Once your discontinue taking Propecia, any new hair you regrew will fall out.

      minoxidil (Rogaine™)
      Minoxidil or Rogaine is topical solution that must be applied to the balding area twice a day, every day. Decreasing the dosage to once a day results in some hair loss, and discontinuing application causes regression to pretreatment baldness.

      Personally, I would ask yourself what your goals are and how much you're willing to spend. If you really want to keep your hair, transplant surgery is the only real long term solution and is more cost effective if you consider the money saved on propecia or rogaine.
      If staving off your hairloss for 5 years or less is your main goal, then medical treatment is a completely satisfactory option. For maximum effective treatment I would recommend using extra strength rogaine and propecia.

    20 Year old male with hair loss, What Medicine or Vitamin Can i take to REGROW MY HAIR! 10 POINTS PLEASE HELP?

    I am a 20 year old male. I have hair loss all around my head not just one area. I am completely out of solutions and help.

    does segals hair loss treatment help? have anyone tried this before?

    What else can i do to regrow my hair?

    Please Help.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    • ANSWER:
      there are completely NO CURE for hair loss till today.

      hair lose is due to environmental influences, inappropriate consumption which led to lack of certain nutrition/vitamins, mood(stress) and genes.

      all kind of drugs, medications and remedies available may only prevent and to contain, mostly mythical and even there is result, it will not last long.

      speak to a nutritionist, smoking can cause hair lose and moderate drinking is fine. physical exercises are great + personal hygiene too.

      after all, hair will not be the main important in a man, what's more valuable are self esteem, charisma and etiquette.
      look around, some young men even famous celebrities look great with no hairs.

    I m 22 yrs old & loosing hair. How do i stop hair loss? How can i regrow my hair naturally?
    I am 22 yrs old and i am loosing hair, i dont know how.
    Is there a way by which i can regrow hair naturally.
    please help

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a dermatoligist. They can give u some pills to take

    How to reduce hair loss?.how to regrow hair?
    i am 22 year old , hair loss is too much . tell me any remedies

    • ANSWER:
      Such is life. There is simply no way, no matter what you may read or what others may tell you. Better to simply accept yourself for who you are, and as you are. Focus on what really makes the difference, being happy and staying nice. Smile, it is as simple as that.

    are there any shampoos to regrow hair and stop hair loss?
    im 21 and im losing hair already, i wanna know if there are any treatments other than surgery like shampoos or hair creams or whatever!!! anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Many people will tell you about Nioxin, but that stuff just puts some kind of film on your hair that makes it look and feel thicker, I am not sure it does anything. You can try Nizoral, it has ketoconazole in it that may reduce DHT on the scalp. A supplement called Saw Palmetto can reduce DHT as well, but I would do research on it.
      Make sure you are not getting traction alopecia, from pulling your hair back tightly in the same style every day.
      There can be a number of vitamin deficiencies that cause hair loss like iron, B12, Biotin, B6 as well as other nutrient deficiencies like inadequate protein intake and essential fatty acids (esp. omega 3s).
      It can be hormornal imbalance as well, check your thryroid and if possible, reproductive related hormones as well.
      There is only one FDA approved drug from womens hair loss--minoxidil found OTC. However, spironolactone, as blood pressure medication has shown to be effective in reducing systemic DHT. You must get this prescribed-go see a dermatologist.
      The key is to intervene early. Don't give up, keep researching. Just don't fall for too many gimmicks out there. They prey on our dispair, and many, just cost alot and don't really help. I know,,,I have tried several. Try to determine what kind of alopecia you have,,,,traction, androgenic, or if its just telegen effluvium, or one of the above caused I listed above. You are not alone sista! Best wishes!

    With hair loss from Depakote, will it regrow once you've quit?
    I took Depakote for over a year and my hair thinned a lot, and I even have a receding hairline now. Before I took depakote, my hair was extremely thick and even poofed up on top. Now I have to comb it over just to hid the thinness. I'm not off Depakote, will my hair regrow back to normal?
    I'm now* off of Depakote

    • ANSWER:
      How long were you supposed to be taking them?
      Was it prescribed by your doctor?

      I suggest you talk to your doctor.

      Remember, whatever it was that caused them to fall out in the first place, it took months even years to get in your system, it will takes years to flush them down, so don't expect miracles overnight.

      Other reasons why that happens:

      Supplements ( billions are wasted and could hurt your lungs, liver, organs), steroids, hereditary, hair dyes, perming/relaxers, straightening (have read many on YA HAIR, and have responded to them since 2009), diet, having babies (yes I read once it happened to her), stress, medications with testosterone, certain antidepressants, menopause, & anti-acne

    What's the best way to stop hair loss and regrow it?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are doing something that causes stress to your hair, first STOP DOING THAT! Try deep conditioning and laying off the heat if possible. You may also consider taking prenatals...they do wonders for hair growth!

    What can be done to prevent hair loss or hair thinning and to regrow the lost hair?
    I am a 20 year old boy from goa-india and i am having trouble with my hair. My hair is naturally very soft & smooth but there has been tremendous increase in hair loss for past year.My hair started to fall maybe about 3 years ago but it was just minor but now suddenly it is at a very fast rate.My hair is perfect on the side parts and also behind the head and also on the front of head but the problem is on top of the head or middle of the head and around crown of the head.That's where i am losing lots of hair.What should i do to stop it? What is the reason for the hair loss? How can i regrowth the hair? I have recently showed it to a dermatologist who has told me to use MINTOP FORTE(MINOXIDIL TOPICAL SOLUTION USP 5%).He has told me that it is a slow process and it would take around 4 months to see the regrowth effect but he didn't told me reason for the hair loss.Is the solution prescribed by the Dermatologist an ideal and perfect for me? Is it a good solution for hair problems?

    • ANSWER:
      contact me direct and i will give you a recipe to use to stop loss and regrow hair

    what is the best product to regrow hair? I have progressive hair loss and am a female in my early 40's?
    i have fine blonde hair and it is very thin at the scalp. I am not on any medication but I take herbal supplements (ie zinc). I want to have my thick healthy hair back ... please help

    • ANSWER:
      Take some flax seed oil and cod liver oil in those gel caps.
      They really help your natural hair oils to grow thicker hair. The only thing it takes is time.

    what is the best way to prevent hair loss and regrow them?

    • ANSWER:
      Relieve all anxiety. And stimulate your scalp. :)

    whats the best way to reduce hair loss and to regrow hair?

    • ANSWER:
      If you smoke, stop. Don't over wash your hair and don't use shampoo with sodium laurel sulphate (90% contain it). Eating a high protein diet will also help. Ultimately regardless what you read there is no cure, if there was you wouldn't have so many balding men and a multi million dollar industry cashing in on it. You just have to hope that genetically you're not predisposed to it.

      Alternatively, if you have big bucks get a hair transplant or another similar op. My suggestions will curtail it but eventually nature will run its course.

    Are there any real hair loss remedies or are they all crap?
    Just wondering if there are any real hair loss remedies that can stop hair loss and regrow hair. There are so many products out there, it’s hard to know what’s on the level. Any help would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi David,

      You are right in saying that there are many products out there and that it's hard to tell what's on the level and what is fake. Medications like Rogaine and Propecia are known to be effective in helping stimulate hair regrowth. Also, other microsurgery options like our own can also craft new hairlines for individuals by harvesting and carefully implanting them into the affected areas.

      However, there are also other lower-cost and natural remedies one can use too to help stop hair loss. One is a balanced diet containing plenty of protein, vitamins (like B, C, & E) and nutrients like iron. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean healthy meats, fish, legumes, nuts, unsaturated fats, and water will in combination supply your body with the raw nutrients it needs for hair health. Vitamin supplements can also help.

      Natural oils like rosemary, jojoba, basil, and lavender applied to the scalp are also known to help repair hair loss damage and promote healthy blood circulation to the scalp, which keeps follicles healthy too. I hope this helps out :-)

    Can you regrow hair from hair loss?
    If you lose a few hairs from anxiety issues, if you overcome that will your hair grow back again in bald spots or are you forever bald?

    • ANSWER:
      2nd time you posed, I've responded.

    are estrogen pills dangerous for a bald man to take to prevent hair loss and regrow hair ?
    since estrogen are oppsite to testesterone

    • ANSWER:
      Estrogen will cause a man to develop boobs. It's not the opposite of testosterone though it's actually very close in it's chemical structure but that little difference can make a huge difference in the way it affects a person. Some hair loss is believed to be the result of DHT, a more powerful form of Testosterone found in the prostate and the scalp and drugs like Proscar or Propecia, Avodart, Nizoral, Rogaine inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

    Hair loss - how can I regrow my hair?
    I'm 27 and have been losing my hair when I was just 17 years old. I've used rogaine and it works best when your younger and hair loss has just started. I need something new.

    • ANSWER:
      Hair loss might tend to be genetic, but I truly believe that this treatment saved me from the same fate of my immediate family members who have severe hair loss problems. It´s NATURAL, safe, low cost and gives remarkable results - it stops the thinning and loss almost straight away. Massage thoroughly with natural oils -olive oil is excellent, and then brush vigorously (best with palm held brush with stiff short bristles) so you really feel it stimulating scalp (50 /60 strokes or even more each day.) Brushing before you apply oil is equally as good. A little shedding and some breakage might occur but only to begin with - quickly stops as hair gets anchored and stronger. Hair will grow faster, become thicker and It will also force NEW GROWTH (expect to see in about 2 months) My hair has almost completely regrown where I had loss. (fully on the crown where receded at front it has taken longer) Initially the hairs were sparse and weak looking then overtime become denser and stronger. Do at night and sleep with hair oiled and wash off in the morning (because of treatment - washing daily will not be detrimental). Keep up brushing and DON´T BE AFRAID OF LOSING NEW GROWING HAIRS - THEY WILL RE-APPEAR EVEN STRONGER. You have to have patience and persevere day in, day out but it truly works.
      Some principal causes of thinning and loss and many more problems such as dandruff, scalp disorders and premature graying , are shampoos and other products containing harsh harmful and toxic ingredients and medicated shampoos which contain even harsher chemicals. Washing hair too frequently also removes beneficial natural oils and harms scalp and can also cause thinning and loss.
      Find "Non harming shampoos" "Non harming hair products" with Google searches. Some will be expensive or only available on-line so refine search by adding "low cost" and "available in stores"

      SOURCE(S): 20 +years of research and self experimentation using natural treatments to correct skin, hair and scalp disorders and hair loss.

    what is the BEST medicine to regrow hair? ive loss my hair because of stress..we didn't have family history ?
    losing hair, is it possible my hair might still regrow if i will use right medicine to re threat my hair? please help me.. thanks alot & god bless you all

    • ANSWER:
      To begin with, the most useful measure of any hair loss treatment may be found via the published scientific literature. The reason for this has to do with the strictly objective nature inherent in this body of work.

      However, let us step back a bit and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the options currently available to treat pattern hair loss.

      The first option is to do nothing and simply let nature take its course. The advantage here is that you are letting nature take its course. The disadvantage here is that you are also letting nature take its course.

      The second option is artificial hair replacement. Some people call these hair systems, or hair additions, or hair extensions. The thing they all have in common is that they are non-growing prosthesis that are applied in some fashion to the scalp. The advantages of this methodology have to do with the instant gratification that comes from suddenly having the appearance of much more hair. Unfortunately, because the hair is non living (not growing out of the person's scalp) it deteriorates fairly quickly and must be serviced regularly in order to maintain some semblence of aesthetic utility.

      In other words, the hair unit typically requires regular and expensive maintenance to keep it looking good. And the hard anterior leading edge (hair line) is also generally a dead giveaway that the hair is not real but an artificial prosthetic. More disturbingly, to greater or lesser degrees, hair pieces generally tend to cause further hair loss due to a phenomenon called traction alopecia. Basically, traction alopecia is the result of the artificial hair unit's pulling and rubbing on the underlying scalp hair. This is because the living scalp hair is under constant tension from the artificial hair piece which adheres to the scalp.

      The next option is surgical hair restoration or hair transplantation. Here, living growing hair follicles are transplanted from the rear of the scalp to the frontal thinning areas. The advantage of this approach has to do with the permanent growing hair that results. In the proper surgical hands, and with an acceptable amount of donor area, remarkable restoration results can be achieved.

      There are several inherent disadvantages to surgical hair restoration. The first has to do with the highly variable degree of artistic skill found from one surgeon to the next. In less than highly artistic surgical hands, a hair transplant can be one of the most aesthetically displeasing, as well as one of the most permanent, mistakes any person can bring upon themselves.

      There are few things more dysaesthetic than a bad hair transplant. Other issues relate to the limitations inherent in harvesting hair bearing tissue from a limited donor resource. When one runs out of donor hair one cannot simply "borrow" hair bearing tissue from one's brother or uncle or friend. Hair transplantation is, in fact, more accurately described as skin transplantation. The donor skin contains hair follicles but because it is skin, the tissue is particularly unsuited to transplantation from one person to another. So when you're out of donor you're out of hair and you're also out of luck.

      Another option is medical treatment. There are currently three drugs that have been approved for the treatment of pattern hair loss. The first is minoxidil. Minoxidil, AKA Rogaine™, was originally developed as a blood pressure medication. It's use in hair loss came about by a fortuitous accident. It was observed that patients being treated with oral minoxidil often manifested an unusual level of hair growth across the face and scalp. When the drug was applied topically the hair growth was localized to the scalp. However, it was also found that the results of topical minoxidil usage were often quite limited and did not seem to benefit the anterior or hairline region of hair loss.

      The second drug approved for use against pattern hair loss is finasteride AKA Propecia™. Unlike minoxidil, finasteride is administered orally and works systemically. However, because finasteride is thought to work by modifying the androgen hormone testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone, this drug comes with potential serious side effects and is not indicated for use in women.

      The third drug is dutasteride, aka Avodart™. Dutasteride works like finasteride but inhibits both isoforms of 5-alpha reductase. A similar side effect profile to that found with finasteride is noted with this drug.

      As you may already realize, many drugs in widespread use were originally derived from naturally occurring substances. For example, common Aspirin contains the active ingredient acetlysalicylic acid, (ASA). ASA is a synthetically produced compound derived from the naturally occurring salicin, found in the bark of the Willow tree.

      Aside from the common approach of synthesizing drugs from organic molecules, another strategy has been to iso

    lupus hair loss regrow?
    I recently found out that I have lupus and hair falling out was a side affect will it grow back? oh yeah and i also have hyperthyroidism i still have a chance?!!?!?!?

    • ANSWER:
      Hair loss is a very common problem among people. In most cases abnormal loosing of hair is a sign of health problems. What is abnormal loosing of hair? Do not panic if you loose from 50 to 100 hair per day – this is normal. If you clearly lose more or you see hairless spots on your head – see your doctor.

      So 50-100 strands of hair loss is totally normal and in limits, but if you still want to have stronger hair against hair loss, i advice you to check the following web page, where you can find recent best 10 shampoos that help you to recover from your hair loss problem and they are really great. The page ALSO has information about the possible reasons of hair loss.

      I advice you to give Nioxin a try. In the web page above you will also find some other information than just shampoos, such as how to prevent hair loss and what are the common reasons of it..

      Also i advice you to check the Bosley company, you will see their link in the web page above, where you can get free consultation with Bosley Medical physician, they are hair loss experts and one of the best world wide and the consults are totally free of charge and you will get the correct information without spending a dime and then decide your next step.

    can minoxidil regrow hair if disease causing hair loss is treated?
    i am 18 years old i was suffering from from ovarian cyst now having pills nd size of cyst is reduced but my hair fall had problem from last 3 yrs so my whole scalp is visible under sun. will using minoxidil regrow hair(not temporary) now my hair fall is less (may be due to size of cyst) but want fast growth of hair but i heard that my hair will remain only till time i use minoxidil and it will fall when i stop using it

    • ANSWER:
      dont use pills its not good for health you can consult for doctor

    I am suffering from hair loss.Is it possible to regrow my hair back?
    hi ! I've tried many products but no use is 'yuda pilatory' works? or livon hair gain? suggest me any other if you have including ayurveda or herbal.
    My age is 23 and i am from bhilai suited in chhattisgarh

    • ANSWER:

    what the best for stop the hair loss and regrow new thicker hair?

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    m going lad day by day..temme how to prevent hair loss n regrow hair by natural herbs?
    m going blad day by day people help me m just 18 n my hair is falling very fast..plz help me out..n temme the solution which is available in india markets n which is not so expensive..plz

    • ANSWER:
      Pl go only for segal solutions,its safe and not much expensive.

    Hair loss and hair regrow?
    I have been losing hair since last summer and the rate of hair fall is such great that people can already see my skull. Is there any scientific treatment to stop this and ...well..regrow the lost hair? By the way..i am 22, male , my hair strands are thin by nature..and my dad is bald..i have a quarter-bald background haha..

    • ANSWER:
      A few of the essential oils to treat hair loss are:
      Jojoba oil, Lavendar oil,Arnica oil and grape fruit oil.

      To use: Mix two drops of any of the above essential oil to 4 tsp of a good vegetable oil. Warm gently and then massage onto scalp. leave on for two hours or overnight and then wash it off with a non-medicated shampoo.

      To help hair re-growth:

      This is an essential oil blend that you can mix and use everyday: 2 drops each of Thyme oil, Lavendar oil mixed with 4 drops of Jojoba oil and Grapefruit oil. Mix all these in a bottle and now add to this four tsp of almond oil. Shake well. Apply a few drops onto scalp everynight and wrap your head with hot towel. After a few months your hair condition will be vastly improved and you will notice new growth

    How to stop hair loss and regrow new hair ?
    I need help !!

    Thanks ...

    • ANSWER:
      Rated NO.1 Hair Loss Treatment on the Market !! Check this website for more details :

    How to stop hair loss & How to regrow hair for young pre teens?
    Ok, so basically, I know HOW I lost my hair, it's because I have been using Heat products like Hair straighteners & all that. & apparently its because my root of my hairs are so delicate that they break after using my heat tools & its possible that those root hairs can't be regrown, which is pretty scary for me. & the Hair loss started from April 2011 to now, & I don't have a clue on how to stop it permanently! Every single time I go to the hair salon, my hair loss stops temporarily after the hair cut is done. & then after a few weeks, the hair loss starts again! & when I run my hands through my hair, at least one piece of my hair goes on my hand, which is ridiculous. i just seriously don't have a clue on what do to anymore.

    & just to add before anybody asks, I HAVE stopped using heat tools after my hair loss, & I do take less showers now, its like 4-3 baths a week. & it hasn't really done any difference whatsoever. So, basically, I haven't done anything to my hair after this hair loss thing occurred.

    So, please help, Thank you!!!
    Ik that an average person looses 80 to 100 Hair a day, but its more than that. Sorry If I missed that one out!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Nadia,
      We normally shed about 80 to 100 hair strands a day, so you don't have to about hair loss. You're luck to find only one strand of hair on your hand, that means your scalp is healthy. A few tips to keep your scalp and hair follicles in top condition - eat healthy (more protein, less fatty foods), take your vitamins and minerals regularly, and keep away from chemical based hair products if you can.

    What product should i use to regrow my hair loss?

    • ANSWER:
      The majority of hair loss prevention products on the market do very little to regrow hair. At best, they slow down the process of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), and in many cases they don't even do that. Fortunately, there's an all-natural method for you to prevent further hair loss and to regrow hair--it's called Provillus.

      Provillus, an oral supplement, works to block DHT, a form of testosterone that is responsible for 95 percent of hair loss. It also works to stimulate the scalp and bring dead follicles back to life. You can use Provillus as a preventative tool, starting the program before hair loss becomes severe, or you can use it after DHT has already begun to take hold of your hair and scalp.

      While some people will notice somewhat of a minor change, others will watch as their hair continues to fall out at the same rate. Provillus, on the other hand, has enjoyed consistently positive results by utilizing proven natural substances like saw palmetto, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc to attack hair loss from all angles. Plus, because it's all-natural, you won't suffer the physical and sexual side effects that other hair regrowth products cause.

    What will be a good shampoo for hair having dandruff and hair loss?
    i am 15 years old.i had thick hairs from my birth. i have been having dandruff from long time but have started having hair loss since last 2-3 months. also my hair has thinned a lot. Can you suggest me a good shampoo & conditioner.
    also suggest me some natural methods to prevent hair loss and regrow lost hairs.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Ayush Mittal,

      Sorry to hear about your dandruff and hair loss problem, but here is a product that can cure your dandruff and hair loss problem all at the same time.

      Nisim Shampoo and Conditioner is a deep cleansing hair treatment that is filled with nutrients the hair needs to stop hair loss and promote optimum hair growth. This keeps your scalp healthy and a healthy scalp helps cure and ward off any skin infections like dandruff.

    how to regrow our hair loss?
    those hair which is already lossed. how can i regrow it?

    • ANSWER:
      Segals Solutions could be the only hope and it is said that, if that cant help you, then you need not waste money on any other products.

      It will definitely help you as it contains a lot of honest ingredients that give real nutrition to the hair roots.

    stop hair loss and regrow hair?
    im losing my hair what should i use that works...please want to hear from people who had this problem and solved it. thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Is it true that pomegrantes reduces hair loss?
    I heard that pomegrantes reduce hair loss in men and actually help regrow hair? Has anyone else heard this before or is that just a myth? My mom heard that on the radio from some local doctor. He wasn't trying to sell a product or anything. He just said that eating pomegrantes or drinking pomegrante juice helps reduce hair loss or help regrow it.

    • ANSWER:
      check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:-- Hairloss/Hairfall

    i started losing my hair whats the best way to stop hair loss and regrow new ones?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends your age and genetic texture of your hair. If you are in your 20's and 30's and losing hair without having any genetic and heridity background, Apply Mintop Minoxidil on scalp(5ml twice a day) and take Finasticide pill once a day to stop your harmonal imbalance. This will stop and delay your hair loss pattern (again depending on your genetic DNA). In 20% of cases this medicine cause hair to regrow. Who knows you will get your hair back one day and join that 20% bandwagon! Good luck

    any medical treatment will help regrow of hair loss from chemotheropy?

    • ANSWER:
      Here a few simple home remedies which can be tried at home to control hair fall.

      1.Rinse your hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and sage tea this helps hair grow..

      2. A medicine rich in sulfur is also recommended as sulfur plays an important part in the structure of the hair.

      3. Massage with olive oil before going to bed at night and next morning, wash off the hair gently..

      4. To treat hair loss apply a little lemon juice with some black tea.Massage well and shampoo.

      5. Beat two eggs,and add two tablespoons of water to it. Rinse hair and pour the egg mixture over the hair.Massage the scalp well and leave for 10 minutes.Then wash it.

    Hair loss?
    I am a female and am showing signs of hair loss, Does anyone have any tried and true ways to help regrow hair. I really don't want transplants, or to try Rogaine.

    • ANSWER:
      Arbonne has some great products.
      Arbonne Intelligence Thermal Fusion Hair & Scalp Revitalizer.
      It revitalizes and supports the scalp naturally and supports hair follicles.
      This has worked for balding men.
      check it out or get intouch with me and i can help you.
      Arbonne International Independant Consultant # 15959823

    can you regrow hair after hair loss?
    i had a problem with constant masturbation...sometimes 4 times a day....and which it meant loss of nutrients/ productuon of DHT ( yes, its true) and in return i started losing hair..there is no balding in my family...anway i stoped thag and am back to the normal amount of times i ejaculate a week.......just wondering, since my hormones/body will get back to normal, is it possible my hair will come back too?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, there is an increase of DHT during masturbation, but hair loss is primarily genetic. Masturbation or any other type of sexual activity does not directly cause hair loss. If anything, masturbation relieves stress, which is one of the contributing factors of hair loss.

      Unless you're grinding a cheese grater on your scalp while rubbing one out, I think you'll be fine. "Cleaning the pipes" is recommended by health physician to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, so fap away!
      Just take daily vitamins, keep a balanced diet, excercise, and get plenty of sleep. You should be fine.

    If I got hair loss due to stress, can I get hair regrow after stress disappears?
    Recently I have a little severe hair loss, I find this website:
    It's said that hair loss could be due to stress. Yeah! I realized that in the past half year I had some trouble with my previous boss and got heavy mental stress. Fortunately now I've changed my job and feel very comfortable with my present status. So since now my stress has disappeared, can my lost hairs regrow and restore normal?

    • ANSWER:
      uhh. definately grows back.

    Regrow hair loss in the front?
    I am 18 years old and sophomore in college
    I have been experiencing a hair loss in the front part of my scalp next to my hair line and a little in the middle of my scalp. if you look close you can see that I am growing bald.
    My parents and friends said that it is probably genes, which I agree some what.
    Is there any treatment out there which will help me get my hairline back ? and most of the hair that I have lost?

    I do not want a hair transplant, just some pills or something I can take to get my hair back...
    I heard is good for hair regrowth?
    I read and it sounds legit..shall I buy that and try that out?

    I have been putting eggs in my hair for about an hour or more before I take a bath with cold water, and other types of vegetable oils in my hair for the past two months but haven't noticed any type of more volume or anything at all...
    My hair is thin and dry at the same time
    I dont know if there is a way to get more volume up in my scalp...
    So products for that would help as well!

    • ANSWER:
      Is your hair breaking off, perhaps? Thin fragile hair does this. In any case start by using the Nioxin system available for purchase at salons, because a lot of hair loss problems are caused by products, environment, etc. The system has vitamins and shampoo, conditioner that will eliminate any of those possibilities. Also Rogaine is available over the counter now for regrowth. I was a hairdresser for years and I never saw a balding 18 year old. It could be Alopecia, which is where clumps of hair fall out-caused mostly by stress, which you are probably under given that you are in college. I don't think you are going bald. I think it's a physical or environmental. Please don't put oils and eggs and such on your hair, it will do more harm then good, especially oils. When wet, hair is at it's weakest, so it may be breaking if you aren't gentle with it when it's wet. Good Luck!!

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